it has been a LONG time since i was here last...  life has been full, full of all kinds of things other than writing and painting.  while i haven't been producing any work myself, i have been busy in the supporting role of others producing.  my two older daughters have been busy getting ready for Madison Ballet's The Nutcracker.  this saturday marks their first public performance at the Overture Center.  what can i say?  they are SUPER excited.  the night rehearsals have been long and grueling (for me), but i think they will be really proud of their achievements once this whole experience ends on Christmas Eve.  they have learned so much just by being on stage, watching the older dancers, and being part of something big.  i get to enjoy helping out backstage. 

if you are inclined to add yet another event to your holiday celebrations, do come to The Nutcracker!  there are still tickets available!

i have other things in the works that i'd like to share with you soon. in the mean time, i'd like to share with you some beautiful Christmas music that you can find here.