Photo shoot

if you've noticed the new tab on my website, Installation, you can see some lovely photos that are the result of a photo shoot with Jen Lucas, a talented, beautiful photographer and owner of Jen Lucas Photography.  i am not the most camera-friendly person.  i actually prefer being the one to take the photos. :)  but Jen and i had such a great time, i felt completely relaxed.  actually, i felt like i wasn't doing anything but chatting away with Jen about our kids, our art, and making our work out of our art.  what i LOVE about Jen's work is her ability to tell stories through her photographs, what she calls lifestyle photos, where she's capturing those ordinary moments that we will so miss and treasure later on in life.  i felt like she did that even in our short time in my studio.  she captured my hands as i was busy talking about one of my paintings, she captured the great light i get through the skylights, and she got the texture and feel of the teacups.  the important stuff.

Thank you, Jen, for the beautiful photos!! You can read about Jen's perspective of our photo shoot here.