A Small Giveaway

i was really hoping we would be enjoying warm, summer weather by now, but here in Madison, we are having a rather cool spring.  however, the pool is open and the kids have actually gone swimming - yikes!  i have dipped my toes in. :)  to celebrate the coming of summer, i am giving away one print of my Girl in Red, No. 3.   

Girl In Red, No. 3

Girl In Red, No. 3

this mixed media piece was inspired by my girls who stood at the edge of the water, looking at the waves, taking a moment before jumping in.  this always struck me because i'd see other kids at the beach just run right into the waves, without a thought.  not my kids. at least, not when they were around 3 years old.  that of course has changed, but this piece always reminds me of those years when they paused, wondering if this was a good idea.

to participate in this giveaway, please leave a comment below telling us what your favorite memory at the beach is (and please comment below, not on my FB page as those won't count).   include an email i can reach you at - if you are the winner, i'd need your address to send you the print.  people living outside of the US are welcome to participate!  if you share this on your blog or on your Facebook page, please enter yourself again below.  i will close the giveaway on 9th June, midnight.

thanks for participating!!

(Edit made on 6/10/13: the giveaway is now closed)