The Tea Cups' Next Destination

my "100 Cups of Tea" installation will be moving to another destination later this week!  and it all sort of happened really fast, so i feel slightly out of breath as i write this, but i think you will like where it is going.  the teacups are making a move from the east side of town to the west side.  i have so appreciated having had the opportunity to install the teacups at Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier.  the chocolate + teacups combination was a beautiful one, but i think you will also like the books + teacups combination as well.

for a long time, i have wondered why there isn't a lovely neighborhood independent bookstore in Madison, but this saturday, one is opening up on Monroe Street and my teacups will be up in the display window!!  the bookstore is called Mystery To Me and is located at 1863 Monroe Street, Madison, WI.  you can read more about the store and about the owner, Joanne Berg, here.

the bookstore opens this saturday, 15th June, at 10 am.  for those of you living in Madison, do come out and enjoy this new local independent store! 

i took some photos of the store while i was there looking at the space for my installation - my phone was all i had, so apologies for the quality of the photos, but i hope it gives you a feel for the space and the possibilities it holds for us readers.

i couldn't resist snapping a shot of Sean Connery as James Bond. :) 

i couldn't resist snapping a shot of Sean Connery as James Bond. :)