Goings On Lately

lately, i have been at the pool.  all the time.  you are perhaps imagining me spending my summer, lounging by the side of the pool, working on a nice tan.  hah!  i will share in a later post, after this week is over, on what i do at the pool.  this week is the All-City Swim Meet in Madison and two of my girls will be competing tomorrow.  after Saturday, i will be able to breath a sigh of relief and share some shots of the pool which i hope will inspire some new work.

in the mean time, i have also been busy with preparations for RAW's EN MASSE event on 15th August.  hope to see many of you that night!  i picked up my teacups from Mystery To Me and brought them home.  here are some shots i shared on instagram of what's been going on in my little studio. 

this is a frame that i built for the teacups to hang from the ceiling: 


and yes, that is a drill that i've been using on the teacups.  you'll have to come to the show on 15th August to see the final product! :P  i'm super excited to see how this will turn out!