Some new works

now that the kids are back at school, i am finding some time to begin working again.  i am starting something new in both my writing and my art, so that's exciting.  it's always fun to explore, to begin a new journey.  although, the theme i am obsessing over right now is nothing new.  i think about it all the time.  it's been a part of me from a very early age.  it is the idea of home.  i wrote an earlier post about this and you can find it here.

the word "home" conjures up so many emotions, images and meanings.  how do you define "home"?  what is your "home"?  is it a physical location that has always existed in your lifetime?  

i obsess over the word because i feel rather conflicted about it.  to me, "home" connotes something permanent.  i always feel i should have a place to call home, just like most people.  but instead, my home is where i am.  there is never any home to "return" to.  and so the identification with the nautilus who travels with its home, rather than the sea turtle who returns home to lay her eggs.