What i've been seeing lately


i had no idea how noisy snow can be.  it creaks and groans under the tires, it crunches and squeaks under my boots.  thanks to the famous polar vortex, i am learning properties of snow i'd never known before.

there must exist a language that has multiple words to mean our word "snow."  there's snow when it is wet and heavy.  there's snow that doesn't even melt when i blow on it because it is so cold - instead, it flies away but it isn't soft, it's cold and hard like tiny bits of glass.  there's snow that feels like cream cheese under my skis.  there's snow that flies against the face like powdered sugar.  and there's snow that melts and then freezes so hard, i can't even scrape it off the sidewalk.  i wish there were different words for snow so i can describe to you how the crazy temperature changes in our winter here has taught me to appreciate the complexities of snow. 

and while i still feel rather frozen (like Anna, from Disney's Frozen, when she enters the trading post in a frozen dress), i have come to respect winter.  you still won't find me raving about how i love winter, i will always remain a Kenyan at heart and in my bones, but i have a grudging respect for this season that is so harsh and so beautiful.


and when i am cooped up inside, i pull these out:


not only do they warm me up, but it cheers me up to be reminded that i will see such colors and flowers again, in the not-too-distant future. :)