Dreaming of the year ahead

i love the beginning of a new year.  the year stretches out before us like a new journey to be explored, full of unknown surprises, days to be filled with daily living as well as special moments. i also enjoy looking back on the past year, touching on those moments that are memorable and in some ways, marking the journey that is behind me.  and like most people, i love the idea of making a list of new year's resolutions...except, i never do make that list.  i love reading other people's lists on Facebook, nodding at the wise goals and resolutions my friends come up with, intending to try some of them myself.  but for some reason, lists elude me.  

but this year, i do want to try to hold onto one thing: thankfulness.  i want to cultivate gratefulness for life, in myself and in my children.  so often, life seems to hurtle by.  i want to savour those moments that will be really important.  so often, i seem to be distracted by the stresses and the negative things.  so often, i see life through the lenses of pessimism.  so often, i'm discouraged by all that is wrong in life, all that needs to be fixed.  i'd like to see life with more optimism and part of that, i have a feeling, begins with a thankful heart. thankfulness for the fullness of life.  because when i am thankful, all that weighs me down seems to disappear.

so, first off, i am thankful for winter (!!).  we are having a brutally cold winter here in Madison, so it's easy for me to be extremely grateful for a warm house and a working furnace.  but i know the cold months will take a toll on my outlook on life come March and April, so i am more determined than other winters past to keep a positive outlook.  having grown up in Kenya, i never learned any winter sports.  and every winter that i have lived in Madison, i had an infant to take care of, so i didn't learn to ski until last winter.  i was still rather shaky last winter, but this winter, i finally feel like i am truly skiing.  i'm hoping my newfound love of skiing will help me to embrace this nostril-freezing-cold winter.

many challenges and changes are ahead for my family and me this year.  my desire is to live through all of it, the good and the bad, to the fullest.

what are some goals you have set for yourselves this year?

and if all else fails, we can always dream.  afterall, "dreaming is free" - isn't that so wonderful and freeing?  so i leave you with Blondie's "Dreaming." ;)