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we're struggling with the winter here.  every morning, it's a battle getting everyone out of bed, bundling up in all our winter gear before heading out into the cold.  i don't blame the kids wanting to stay in bed all day - i mean, who doesn't with all this cold and bleakness that won't go away?  but i'm trying to find the sweet spots and here's a couple of them in the midst of all the white and the grey and the brown.


here's to spreading the love, despite the cold!  happy valentine's day to you all!  thank you for hanging with me here and i look forward to sharing what the future holds for me.  let's keep searching for those sweet spots.  these yarn hearts can be found in the Wingra School playground.  i believe they were made by the students a while back, but they are still as vibrant as ever and have survived the winter quite well.

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