Bittersweet moments

i have often wondered why the "bitter" comes before the "sweet" in bittersweet.  i like to think that the sweetness heals the bitterness and helps alleviate some of the pain or sadness, so it has to follow the bitterness.  i have a couple of bittersweet news to share.

the first one is definitely more sweet than bitter: 5% sad and 95% sweet.


i packed up one of my paintings and sent it off across the ocean to another continent.  sad because i am always a little sad to say goodbye to something i have created, but like i said, only 5% sad.  95% of me is very excited at the thought that someone connected with my work and wanted it. :)

the second bittersweet moment isn't so sweet, 50% sad, 50% sweet.  a couple of weeks ago, my husband and i took a trip to Boston.  this is a shot from the plane as we took off from Madison at twilight.


and this is Boston.  here's the bittersweet news: our family is moving there this summer.  we are sad to be leaving Madison - Madison has been so good to us!  and yes, the winters are brutal and long, but our lives here were full and we gained so much.  our two youngest girls were born in our house here and our little family has grown so much during our seven years in Madison.

but it is time for us to move on.  and Boston, i hear, is a great place to move on to.  we are excited about the future and all the new things we will learn and experience.  if you know people or places in Boston that you think i should know about, do let me know!  i would really appreciate that.  i am all for getting as much info about a place as i can before i move there.