Abstract Flow

hi, there!  this week, three of my mixed media pieces will be showing at SPACEWOMb Gallery, as part of the "Abstract Flow" exhibit.  the theme of the exhibit is visual storytelling in illustration or abstract form.  it sounds really interesting!  if you are in NYC, i hope you will stop by.  the opening is Thursday, 18th September, 2014, 6-8 pm.  the gallery is located at: 57 Stanton Street, NY.

in terms of personal news, i continue to unpack more boxes every day, hoping to see more order in our new home, but i have yet to feel some sense of organization...  i hope to get a handle on things as i have some new art ideas bouncing around in my head, waiting to be put down!  *sigh*  

in the mean time, have a great week, everyone!