Fall is coming and new art

the air is brisk this week - fall seems to be upon us.  my youngest daughter and i discovered a chestnut tree on our way to her preschool this morning, so we collected some.  i love the smooth shiny feel of the chestnut.  we also love to collect acorns, but right now, we are excited about the chestnuts. :) i am already seeing colours of fall around us and am looking forward to the time when all the trees will be vibrant.

there are so many changes, almost every day, and it's hard to digest everything, but we are getting there.  this past weekend, several sections of Boston had their annual artists' open studios.  a friend and i went to Jamaica Plain's open studios.  it was great to see so much art and to see some of the spaces the artists work in. 

while unpacking, i have been working too and have completed a new mixed media piece which is up on my Saatchi gallery.  it is called, "The Beach" and it was inspired by our visit to Wingaersheek Beach which is close to Gloucester, MA.  the girls and i had a great time not only swimming in the ocean, but also climbing the great big rocks that sit on the beach.

i'm hoping to share a couple of other projects with you soon.  in the mean time, have a wonderful week!