M Train

have you read Patti Smith's "M Train"? it is my new favorite book! there are so many passages in it that i love and wish i could have written them. her writing is so poetic and really resonates with me. here are some passages that i just can't get over:

"I believe in movement. I believe in that lighthearted balloon, the world. I believe in midnight and the hour of noon. But what else do I believe in? Sometimes everything. Sometimes nothing. It fluctuates like light flitting over a pond. I believe in life, which one day each of us shall lose. When we are young we think we won't, that we are different. As a child I thought I would never grow up, that I could will it so. And then I realized, quite recently, that I had crossed some line, unconsciously cloaked in the truth of my chronology. How did we get so damn old? I say to my joints, my iron-colored hair."

"it fluctuates like light flitting over a pond", "unconsciously cloaked in the truth of my chronology" - !!!! such beautiful images! oh, i felt like i could live on these words forever.

"Home is a desk. The amalgamation of a dream. Home is the cats, my books, and my work never done. All the lost things that may one day call to me, the faces of my children who will one day call to me. Maybe we can't draw flesh from reverie nor retrieve a dusty spur, but we can gather the dream itself and bring it back uniquely whole."

"the amalgamation of a dream" - i really wish i could have written that!

ok, enough of me drooling over Patti Smith's words! go and get "M Train". read it and tell me what you thought of it!