Filling my world with flowers

this was originally going to be a rather happy and light post, but after what happened in Orlando yesterday, my heart feels heavy and everything is tinged with the sadness i feel for those affected by the shooting. this morning, i went to my kindergartener's spring sing and they ended the concert with "What a Wonderful World" - my heart is bursting with the joy and beauty in the voices of those little children on the one hand, and the pain and violence of Florida. it is hard to believe that this world we live in has so much hate and yet also has the capacity to make so much beauty.

so while my thoughts are tinged with so much sadness, i look around me and see so many beautiful flowers. and it is these beauties that i have been busy filling the world of my mind with. here are some photos i've been posting on Instagram. while i cannot have my own garden here, i am growing a garden in my head with these paintings.