Support Puerto Rico

hello, friends, i'm sorry it has been so long since i was here last giving you an update. the summers are usually time for family so i don't get to work very much. however, i have new projects i'm working on which i hope to update you on soon.

but coming up this Saturday, i will be participating in a fundraiser at Art with Amy. we are raising money for Puerto Rico and some of the relief efforts there from the hurricanes. 100% of the proceeds will be going to support two organizations. you can find more info about these organizations here and here.

here are the details of the fundraiser: 8-9:30 pm Saturday October 7th, and open the afternoon of October 8th 1-4pm, at 45 Harvard Street, Brookline.

you can find the Facebook Event page where you can preview many of the art that will be available at the fundraiser here.


i apologize for the short notice, but this was literally conceived of last week, a spontaneous desire on the parts of the artists who want to contribute to the needs in Puerto Rico.