Dry Bones and The Breath

with the celebration of Easter this past weekend, i have ended another busy period of work. last year, i had created Thirst for Church of the Cross' Easter Vigil service. you can find my post on Thirst here.

this year, in addition to Thirst, i created two new pieces for the Vigil - Dry Bones and The Breath. Dry Bones is a piece i cut out of thick paper. light was shone on it and its shadow was projected onto my painting, The Breath, which was covered in a white cloth. Dry Bones was presented during the Ezekiel 37 reading. here is a photo i took during the service. the shadow piece is difficult to see, but i hope you get the idea:

after the Ezekiel 37 reading, the congregation sang the song, Dry Bones. during the song, the dancers went up to the painting and removed the covering over the painting to reveal The Breath. then we were led into the Zephaniah 3:12-20 reading. here is a photo of the painting:

The Breath, 2017, 48x72 inches, acrylic and paperclay on canvas

The Breath, 2017, 48x72 inches, acrylic and paperclay on canvas

details of The Breath

i will say that as an abstract painter, i worried a little about painting something so concrete as bones! i have to thank Chris Allison for loaning me his model of a human skull and for directing me to the Warren Anatomical Museum at Harvard Medical School. both sources were indispensable to me in the process.

i have refrained from interjecting my thoughts on Ezekiel 37 and talking about the artwork, in the hopes that you will find your own beauty in this very bizarre and wonderful passage from the Bible. to those of you who have already shared your thoughts to me about The Breath, i thank you. it means so much to me to know that i have moved you in some small way.