As we enter 2018...

it felt like 2017 ended on a high note with "Fresh Forward" at Galatea Fine Arts (see previous post), a really great way to see some of you who came out for the opening, and to get to know some of my fellow artists at Galatea. as i look back on 2017, especially on my Instagram account where i can scroll through a whole year of images, it was good to see the steps i'd taken and the progress in various directions my work has taken over the year. it was also good to be reminded of the trips i'd taken and different landscapes, smells, textures, foods, i'd been exposed to that fed my work. it has also been a year since i left my studio in the south end and started working out of a small studio at home. i look back on my residency at the Boston Center for the Arts and am grateful for the incredible experience that was.

and what a wonderful support and encouragement you all have been to me! thank you so much for keeping in touch here and Instagram and Facebook... your support means so much to me.

and now, we enter 2018...

i will be working this year towards a solo show that will happen in February 2019 at Galatea Fine Arts. i'm really excited at the prospect of showing a large body of work and hopefully be telling a better story through this opportunity.

you will also find me working with some students at Boston College this upcoming semester. I will be collaborating with Dr. Lucy McAllister on her course, "Easy Being Green? Waste, Consumption and Environmental Justice in the 21st Century." sounds like a super interesting course, doesn't it? Dr. McAllister wanted her students this semester to work on public art installations for their semester projects. the students will recycle waste products of their own choosing and communicate the message behind their installation. my job is to share with the students some of my work process and help guide them as they create their own installations. i'm excited and a little nervous about this project. i haven't really taught art before, but i'm looking forward to putting into words my process of making art and learning how to communicate this better.

and lastly, i've started writing again. hurray!! it has been many years. i had to leave it behind for a bit and it was healing to focus on my visual art. but now, i'm tackling a new story that has been rattling around in my head for years. i had written a very rough draft of the story a while back, but now i'm getting it to a point where it will be readable for someone besides myself. :)

i hope you will join me on my journey here. i look forward to sharing the new adventures and journeys 2018 holds for me!