A new project

recently, my friend, Bobbette Rose invited me to participate in a project called Earthtones, a creative collaboration with nature.  it will be an installation created by many artists on the Farley Center's land outside of Verona, WI, using materials from the land and using the land itself.  the installation will be part of the Farley Center's dedication event taking place 16th-18th August during which time you can view the installation as well as attend sessions about ecological justice and peace and sustainability.

last weekend, i had the pleasure of meeting many of the artists who will be involved in the Earthtones project.  we had lunch together and talked about how to proceed with the installation.  i need to return to the Farley Center to walk about their lovely grounds and "stake out" a location for my installation.  i am really excited about the prospect of creating something using whatever natural materials i find in the area and being inspired by the land.  i will try my best to document the process and share it with you here. 

Madison is not a big city, so i have never felt cut off from nature and Madisonians are so very environment-conscious and green.  but there was something as i drove onto the grounds of the Farley Center.  perhaps it was the simple knowledge that i was entering a place that is specifically dedicated to ecological justice and sustainability.  knowing that the land around me is set aside for this made me pause and take note.

thank you, Bobbette, for including me in this venture! if any of you are interested in joining this project, you can find information here.

on another note, i'm planning to do a small giveaway here next week, so please stop by next week to check it out! :)