ICA Boston

Falling in love

i am in that state where i am falling in love with a new place but the joy of falling in love is tinged with the sense of time.  perhaps i have always been just too impatient and i wish to be known just as much as to know.  i long to feel some sense of belonging as i get to know this beautiful place that is Massachusetts, but i know that only time will get me there.  i am really grateful that our family is finding its way: the girls love their schools and are slowly making friends, my husband loves his job.  and me?  i'm finding there's so much to discover here and perhaps that is what overwhelms me at times.  

Broadmoor Nature Sanctuary in Natick

Broadmoor Nature Sanctuary in Natick

Last week, i had the opportunity to visit the ICA Boston.  it was a bleak and rainy day, but i was still struck by the location of the museum.  it is right on the harbour and the architects took full advantage of that.  there were some lovely views from inside the museum.

i loved the collection of art at the ICA.  they have a special exhibit going on right now called "Fiber Sculpture: 1960-present."  definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.  here are some shots of my favourite pieces from the show:

"Inchworm" by  Francoise Grossen

"Inchworm" by Francoise Grossen

"SoundWay" by  Ernesto Neto

"SoundWay" by Ernesto Neto

"Spatial Element" by Elsi Giauque

"Spatial Element" by Elsi Giauque

"Crocheted Environment" by  Faith Wilding

"Crocheted Environment" by Faith Wilding

i think Faith Wilding's installation was my very favourite.  it was lovely to walk into the little room and be surrounded by a white web.

i have moments when i feel sad about something and i have no idea what i am sad about.  and since i can't make sense of myself with words, i have been painting without any clear idea of what i am painting.  right now, i am playing with colours and playing with acrylic paints on canvas, mediums i haven't used in a very long time.