Nelson Mandela

U2 + Oliver Jeffers

i always love a good collaboration between artists i admire, but this collaboration has got to be one of the tops.  i grew up listening to U2 and what gets me always about them is that they never fail to deliver.  how is that possible?  i wonder about that as a creative person.  i sometimes feel like one day i will run out of things to express.  i wrote a post about Oliver Jeffers some time ago (you can find that here) - i am a huge fan of his books.  what i love about him is that he has such a unique voice and he is so fluent with it.  fluency of voice is something artists and writers are constantly striving for.  i think both U2 and Oliver Jeffers have that in common - that ability to express themselves in voices that are unmistakably their own.

and of course, it helps that this song is about Nelson Mandela and is the soundtrack for the movie about his life.  i loved reading his biography, Long Walk To Freedom.  this song is nominated for the oscars - along with "Let It Go".  i haven't told my girls yet that i will be rooting for "Ordinary Love" instead. ;)