what a night it was!  for those of you who came out on Thursday, 15th August, to the High Noon Saloon, i hope you had as much fun as i did!  it was great to see so many of you come out!  many many thanks to those who came to support me.  i know some of you took home some great items. :) 

and welcome to new readers who have met me through RAW - so glad to have you here! 

as promised, i am posting below some photos taken from the evening - beautiful shots, all photographs were taken by Bradlee Bertram of BMB Graphics | 






Photography by Bradlee Bertram of BMB Graphics |   www.bmbgraphics.com

Photography by Bradlee Bertram of BMB Graphics | www.bmbgraphics.com

Goings On Lately

lately, i have been at the pool.  all the time.  you are perhaps imagining me spending my summer, lounging by the side of the pool, working on a nice tan.  hah!  i will share in a later post, after this week is over, on what i do at the pool.  this week is the All-City Swim Meet in Madison and two of my girls will be competing tomorrow.  after Saturday, i will be able to breath a sigh of relief and share some shots of the pool which i hope will inspire some new work.

in the mean time, i have also been busy with preparations for RAW's EN MASSE event on 15th August.  hope to see many of you that night!  i picked up my teacups from Mystery To Me and brought them home.  here are some shots i shared on instagram of what's been going on in my little studio. 

this is a frame that i built for the teacups to hang from the ceiling: 


and yes, that is a drill that i've been using on the teacups.  you'll have to come to the show on 15th August to see the final product! :P  i'm super excited to see how this will turn out!

Come to EN MASSE!!

join me for an evening of fun, celebrating the many talented artists who will be featured at this show! you can purchase tickets by going here and then clicking on my profile page (i am listed as SLK).


Upcoming Event with RAW


i will be participating in this event, coming up next month.  who is RAW?  i have learned that RAW is an organization run by artists to help emerging artists.  i love that their goal is to help emerging artists get up and running!  RAW has regular events when they showcase various artists, in all forms of art.  it is an international organization and the chapter in Madison is rather new.  i am featured on their website for the August 15th event, EN MASSE.  i hope you will come out for it - i have heard that RAW always puts on a great show!  in order to purchase tickets for the show, please go to my profile page and click on "buy a ticket for this artist."  if i can get 20 people on my guest list, my fee for participating in the show is waived. :)  i hope you can come out and support my work as well as other local artists!