As we enter 2018...

it felt like 2017 ended on a high note with "Fresh Forward" at Galatea Fine Arts (see previous post), a really great way to see some of you who came out for the opening, and to get to know some of my fellow artists at Galatea. as i look back on 2017, especially on my Instagram account where i can scroll through a whole year of images, it was good to see the steps i'd taken and the progress in various directions my work has taken over the year. it was also good to be reminded of the trips i'd taken and different landscapes, smells, textures, foods, i'd been exposed to that fed my work. it has also been a year since i left my studio in the south end and started working out of a small studio at home. i look back on my residency at the Boston Center for the Arts and am grateful for the incredible experience that was.

and what a wonderful support and encouragement you all have been to me! thank you so much for keeping in touch here and Instagram and Facebook... your support means so much to me.

and now, we enter 2018...

i will be working this year towards a solo show that will happen in February 2019 at Galatea Fine Arts. i'm really excited at the prospect of showing a large body of work and hopefully be telling a better story through this opportunity.

you will also find me working with some students at Boston College this upcoming semester. I will be collaborating with Dr. Lucy McAllister on her course, "Easy Being Green? Waste, Consumption and Environmental Justice in the 21st Century." sounds like a super interesting course, doesn't it? Dr. McAllister wanted her students this semester to work on public art installations for their semester projects. the students will recycle waste products of their own choosing and communicate the message behind their installation. my job is to share with the students some of my work process and help guide them as they create their own installations. i'm excited and a little nervous about this project. i haven't really taught art before, but i'm looking forward to putting into words my process of making art and learning how to communicate this better.

and lastly, i've started writing again. hurray!! it has been many years. i had to leave it behind for a bit and it was healing to focus on my visual art. but now, i'm tackling a new story that has been rattling around in my head for years. i had written a very rough draft of the story a while back, but now i'm getting it to a point where it will be readable for someone besides myself. :)

i hope you will join me on my journey here. i look forward to sharing the new adventures and journeys 2018 holds for me!

Support Puerto Rico

hello, friends, i'm sorry it has been so long since i was here last giving you an update. the summers are usually time for family so i don't get to work very much. however, i have new projects i'm working on which i hope to update you on soon.

but coming up this Saturday, i will be participating in a fundraiser at Art with Amy. we are raising money for Puerto Rico and some of the relief efforts there from the hurricanes. 100% of the proceeds will be going to support two organizations. you can find more info about these organizations here and here.

here are the details of the fundraiser: 8-9:30 pm Saturday October 7th, and open the afternoon of October 8th 1-4pm, at 45 Harvard Street, Brookline.

you can find the Facebook Event page where you can preview many of the art that will be available at the fundraiser here.


i apologize for the short notice, but this was literally conceived of last week, a spontaneous desire on the parts of the artists who want to contribute to the needs in Puerto Rico.

Taking Flight install

when my family and i first moved to the Boston area 3 years ago, my youngest daughter was finally old enough to go to preschool for a good portion of the day and i was feeling eager to put my energies into my art. i was in a new city, ready to explore what it had to offer me, but also to figure out what i had to offer it. 

i wasn't sure where the making of many many birds would take me, but i decided to go with it and hoped that something good would come of them. as with my previous installation 100 Cups Of Tea, i began to reuse stacks of my old manuscripts from my writing days.

"Taking Flight" began with Emily Dickinson's poem whose first line is: Hope is the thing with feathers-/ That perches in the soul-/And sings the tune without the words-/And never stops - at all -

those lines fed me when i often felt rather hopeless about finding my way on my journey. the birds began to symbolize for me my creative thoughts, trying to take flight. faltering, but hoping that one day they will take flight. i tried to capture the deeply satisfying feeling that would come over me whenever i see a flock of birds taking off into the sky. that hopefulness we all have as we embark on a new journey, changing course, opening ourselves to new experiences. over the years, the installation has come to mean many many things to me, but i think hope encompasses all those things for me.

so it was incredibly satisfying to see the birds go up yesterday at the Boston Center for the Arts. there were several hiccups during the install process and it took way longer than planned, but we did succeed. :) here is time lapse movie of the process. i'm sorry it is a little choppy, but we had to stop several times to fix some problem and figure out the next steps, etc. there were moments when i wasn't at all sure this would work! but it did. hope you enjoy:

here are some shots of the beautiful space that is the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts where the BCA Ball will take place on June 3, 2017. i hope to share more shots from the Ball when the lighting on the installation will be better/more interesting. but for now, these will have to do:

Recap of Passage Through Blue and a review

edit: i meant to post this a week or two ago... sorry! but here is a recap of Passage Through Blue. i have also posted on my portfolio page images taken by Steve Wollkin of one of the performances.


i have spent most of this week feeling slightly off-kilter. comes with being intensely involved in a project. the performances of Passage Through Blue were amazing last weekend. the dancers of Continuum Dance Project were incredible - it was deeply satisfying to watch them. and many thanks to you that came out to the shows. from your responses to me, i know that you left feeling exhilarated and moved and inspired. i'm so glad you were able to share in this wonderful experiment.

i'm going to leave you with some photos i took throughout the rehearsals and of a review of Passage Through Blue which you can find here.

Changes and a new project

i apologize for being so silent here for so long. so much has happened in my personal life and in America's national life and i have had a hard time kicking the melancholy that threatens to set in. for those of you following me on FaceBook and Instagram know already that i am preparing for a move out of my studio. that will take place next week, at the end of the month. i am sad to be leaving the space in which i have grown so much and in which i created many new works, but i am also looking forward to a new chapter in my life. my family is moving into a bigger home and i will have a small room to use as a studio. while i am sad to be leaving behind a community in the Wareham studio, i hope to stay in touch and also to build a new community in Brookline. i am already meeting other artists in my neighborhood and looking forward to what those connections and relationships will bring about.

while packing and prepping for our move, i am thinking and planning in my head and in my sketchbook for a new project that will take place in January/February 2017. i am extremely excited for this project, as it draws on my love of dance, movement, music and art. i am collaborating on this new project with Fernadina Chan, a choreographer and friend i met through my ballet class. we have received a grant from the Boston Center for the Arts to use their space and create a new performance piece. you can read more about the project here. i am really excited about all the possibilities this project holds. really, it could go anywhere! i am particularly looking forward to creating a space for the dancers to move and interact with and a space that will transport the audience.

to prepare myself, i've been listening to Stravinsky's Elegy for viola as it might be part of the music for the performance. i've been listening with my eyes closed and putting pen to paper and allowing my hand move where it will with the music. afterwards, i fill in various spaces on the page with colours. here are some pages from my sketchbook that are the results of this experiment.

this one was actually drawn with my eyes open, just so i could see what my hand would do if my eyes were open. the lines are much more even and self-conscious i think.

this one was actually drawn with my eyes open, just so i could see what my hand would do if my eyes were open. the lines are much more even and self-conscious i think.

why am i doing this? i'm hoping to loosen up my mind a bit and marrying my mark making with music. i'm hoping this will help me as i think about creating a space for movement.

Mark your calendars pls for September 24-25!

i'm getting super excited for the South End Open Studios coming up! there's a lot of energy going around in my building and we are all looking forward to seeing you! i want to list some details here for that weekend that will make you navigating the event a little easier.

my building is 59 Wareham Street, and i am all the way up on the 5th floor. a good way to navigate our studio buildings might be to begin on my floor and work your way down. :) there will be maps in the building to guide you!

PARKING. we have partnered with Jacobson Floral at 500 Albany Street to provide FREE parking for SUNDAY, 25th September. unfortunately, because they are open on Saturday, we cannot provide that service on Saturday.

we will have an information booth at Wareham and Harrison. our building doors will be clearly marked with signs and balloons.


lastly, our building has been listed on Flux's listing which you can find here - you must scroll down a bit to find us.

looking forward to seeing you at South End Open Studios!!

Sketchbook pages

hello! hope you are having a great start to the week! it's raining quite a bit today here in the Boston area, which is a good thing as it has been much too dry, but that means i'm staying home today instead of biking to the studio. which is also not a bad thing, as i have lots to catch up on at home, like updating the blog and the website. :)

as you know, i'm getting ready for the South End Open Studios on September 24-25. i'm hoping to have a set of abstract paintings ready that were inspired by a family camping trip we took over the summer to Acadia National Park. i've been sharing some of the sketchbook pages from my trip on Instagram but i wanted to share them here as well. i hope to share some of the process photos of the larger pieces that i'm working on in the next few weeks leading up to the open studios. i will also have available my watercolor paintings of roses and peonies and have framing options for those. and of course, my miniature bird pieces will be available as well.

here are some recent pages from my sketchbook and i look forward to sharing more about the larger paintings born out of these soon. 

inspired by the pink granite rocks of Acadia

inspired by the pink granite rocks of Acadia

inspired by the beautiful lichen

inspired by the beautiful lichen

South End Open Studios

hello, friends,

it has been WAY too long! the summer has been full and has flown by. i haven't been able to spend much time here or at the studio as i've been busy hanging with the kids, but school starts next week and there's lots going on in September that i have to get ready for.

one of the things i'm prepping for is the South End Open Studios happening the weekend of September 24-25. i'm super excited to be a part of this large celebration that happens every year in Boston's South End. below is some info written up by a fellow artist in my building. i hope you will mark your calendars and stop by! 

BOSTON’S SOUTH END, MA (August 2, 2016) –

Arts and culture are alive in Boston with no better example than the 30th annual South End (SoWa) Open Studios, September 24-25, 11am-6pm, when the public is invited to visit the inner sanctum of working artists at the Wareham Street Studios, 35-59 Wareham Street between Harrison and Albany. This weekend celebration of art is organized by United South End Artists, a membership association supporting neighborhood artists. Wareham Street Studios is a privately owned complex of truly affordable work-only studio spaces occupied by artists creatively working in a wide range of mediums including painting, works on paper, ceramics, photography, textiles and mixed-media.

Many of the Wareham Street artists have been in the building for decades such as painter Michael Costello located on the 4th floor of 35 Wareham Street. “I have painted on Wareham Street for almost 30 years and have watched a vibrant art neighborhood whittled down to a handful of buildings such as ours which continue to be a refuge for the making of art in the South End. Open Studios is the rare chance a collector has to see art in the environment in which it is birthed.”

The Wareham Street collection of active studio spaces is open to the pubic on only the most seldom of occasions, and many visitors have remarked at the high quality and one-of-a-kind authenticity of the art on view. 20 artists will be opening their studio doors on Wareham Street this year to welcome art enthusiasts, collectors, and the curious. Included in this select group are Clint Baclawski, Jessica Burko, Michael Costello, Anne Foresman, Tristan Govignon, Heather Greenwood, Will Howcroft, Soyoung L. Kim, Rose Leitner, Maria Malatesta, Mary ann Obrien, Wendy Seller, Nancy Seymour, Karen Lee Sobol, Katherine Spencer, Annie Zeybekoglu, Sara Zielinski. Celebrate SoWa’s rich and diverse arts community and go home with a piece of locally made art.

Week 4 for Limited Edition 13

this past weekend, i was volunteering and attending one of my daughters' ballet recitals. i love ballet because i grew up dancing and have always loved the experience of being on stage. as a child, i loved the anticipation of being backstage and the camaraderie shared with the other performers. and i loved the magical feeling of dancing on stage. i will always remember the freedom and pure joy that i felt in the movements. but as i got older, i became more and more aware of my shortcomings and focused more on what was wrong with my body and what i couldn't do with my body, rather than dancing for the sheer pleasure of dancing.

i have been thinking long about our bodies as mothers. how we see our bodies now after having given birth. how others see our bodies. and the ideal we strive towards. we women are hard on ourselves, and we are hard on our bodies.

so for this week, i wanted to focus instead on recapturing that feeling i had as a child, when i danced because i loved to and because it gave me great pleasure. when i didn't think about how my legs were all wrong for a ballerina or if i was good enough.

13, No. 10 (We Are Dancing) - this was inspired by Matisse's painting, Dance. when i think of dancing with abandon and freedom, i think of Matisse's painting of five red figures dancing in a circle. so here is my interpretation of the dancers, imagining what we might look like if we threw aside all our inhibitions and woes about our bodies. if we felt the music's call and began to move with it. as mothers, we have to hold ourselves together so much, but what if we let our hair down for once? i hope we can accept our bodies as readily as i believe these figures here are doing.

13, No. 11 (In the Garden) - what if people's stares didn't feel harsh? what if we were so accepting of our own bodies that we didn't mind or cared what people thought? i think of the Garden of Eden, of when Adam and Eve were not aware of their nakedness and were not ashamed. it would be lovely to recapture some of that in our lives. let us take care of our bodies by eating well and exercising to make it strong, but let us also accept all the ways our bodies have changed to give birth to new lives. i see the figures here in gentle repose, content and being fed.

when i was a student at art school, i remember distinctly preferring models who looked different. models who had bodies that were perfectly proportioned were actually less interesting to me. it was the models who stood out because of something different about their bodies that stayed with me and sparked my imagination. there was a story behind their bodies. and there is definitely a story behind the bodies of mothers. there is a story behind the stretch marks. there is a story behind the stomach that will never pull back to it's former flat state. there is a story behind the shrunken breasts. there is a story behind the hair that has suddenly changed texture or color. let us be kind to these bodies that have been through something so incredible.

these are now available on Etsy.

this is technically the last full week of May, but i will be releasing two more pieces next tuesday, the last day of May. hope you will join me then!


i finally managed to come up with a title for my latest installation before i had to install it. as it often happens to me, the title refused to come to me until i had completed the work. so, here is the official info on the latest piece:

Thirst, 2016

approx 250 plastic water bottles, fishing line


and here are some photos of the installation:

Installation at Ruggles Baptist Church before it got dark

Installation at Ruggles Baptist Church before it got dark

During the Easter Vigil - it was dark and the installation was lit by lights with blue gels. a dance performance with original song was being performed as the blue lights went on slowly on the installation. credit for the lights must go to Ryan Ruffing, who patiently bore with my many emails sent his way titled "Lights!!!"

During the Easter Vigil - it was dark and the installation was lit by lights with blue gels. a dance performance with original song was being performed as the blue lights went on slowly on the installation. credit for the lights must go to Ryan Ruffing, who patiently bore with my many emails sent his way titled "Lights!!!"

Installation moved to Boston Temple for Easter Sunday Service 

Installation moved to Boston Temple for Easter Sunday Service 

and a time lapse of the installation, just because it's always fun to do a time lapse :)


i had several challenges when putting this together. the church rents space in two different locations, Ruggles Baptist and Boston Temple. so the installation couldn't stay up - it had to be taken down immediately after the Vigil was over. that meant i had to put the installation together in such a way as to make the installing and the removal process relatively easy. i couldn't drill anything into the walls. the Vigil would take place in the dark, so lighting was a big issue. but these challenges helped shape the piece into what it is. i used plastic water bottles so the installation as a whole is extremely light and sturdy.

many have asked me questions about the process and the thought behind the installation, so i thought i'd jot it down here, both for me and for those of you who wish to know more.

i guess the story begins back in December 2015. my family was searching for a new church and we stumbled on the website of Church of the Cross. we visited Christmas Eve and have continued since. in January 2016, i met with the Director of Music, Ryan, and we had a conversation about art, esp about art in the church. which was unusual for me - it has been a very long time since i've had a leader of a church engage with me about what i do. and perhaps this was why i agreed to participate in the Easter Vigil at Church of the Cross by creating a piece for it. i was mostly curious, but i was completely caught off guard. if i hadn't been so caught off guard, i might have said no.

some of you are probably very familiar with an Easter Vigil, but i was not. since i had no previous experience to go on, i used the order of Scripture readings as a guide. the readings begin with the story of creation and take us through the entire story of God's relationship with us, the world, culminating in the death and resurrection of Jesus. the primary images in the Vigil are the cross and the movement from darkness to light. but for me, the thread that ran through all the Scripture readings was the image of water. it was present in each reading, in some form or another, a silent tangible extension of God's presence. or the absence of God's presence, as in the reading of the dry bones, the bones dry and lifeless. moments before Jesus' death on the cross, He said, "i thirst," a physical yearning for His Father who had turned from Him.

the images of water were big and grand in the readings in the first half of the Vigil: creation, Noah's ark, the parting of the Sea as Israel fled from Egypt. but it takes a different turn in the sixth reading, a passage from Isaiah 55. there, God calls those of us who thirst to come: "Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters...For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, And do not return there without watering the earth, And making it bear and sprout, And furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater; So shall My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it."

why plastic water bottles? (many thanks to the members of Church of the Cross who contributed to this installation by bringing in your plastic bottles! and to my husband who went dumpster diving for me) if you know me and my work, you know that i love to take stuff from the dumpster and transform it into something that looks completely different from it's original form; taking the rejected and transforming it into something beautiful. and we live in a place where clean water is so abundant, we take it for granted and don't understand the full value of it in our lives. the same can be said of God's grace and goodness.

Thirst. we won't know the full extent of our need until we thirst.

Installing "Taking Flight"

on the evening of November 6, the building my art studio is located in will be hosting a building-wide open studio.  i will post the details about it soon, but in the mean time, i wanted to share with you a short time-lapse movie i made as i was prepping my studio for the open studio. this is a small portion of my "Taking Flight" installation:

hope you can plan to join me on November 6th - there will be many many artists opening their studios that evening.  it should be a fun evening filled with art!

and as always, if you'd like to keep up with my goings on, please subscribe to this blog by clicking on the subscribe icon in the bottom left corner. thanks so much!

Studio Space

it has been a while - i apologize!  life has been full and hectic with many end-of-school-year activities for the kids.  and added to that busyness, i just moved into a studio space that i'm sharing with another painter!!  really excited about the work space and looking forward to producing work in that space.  the studio is in a large building in the SOWA area, the South End of Boston, that houses many artists studio spaces.

i am biking to work now, and what can i say? i am no Lance Armstrong and can't even begin to aspire to that. :)  i'm more like a little old lady hobbling along, but i'm hoping i'll get better at this after my body gets over the shock of the distance i have to cover on my bike.

here's the view from the street of my building.  will hopefully be able to share with you some new work i produce there. :)

There's something special about performing...

i'd known that, ever since i first set foot on a stage as a child, but it's been a LONG time since then.  this past saturday, i had the wonderful opportunity to share my shadow puppet piece on the stage along with some really wonderful, talented, creative puppeteers.  and what can i say?  i was nervous, excited and had so much fun, all at the same time!!  it was a great experience to be able to share my work (and many many thanks to those of you who came out to see my work!! xoxo) but it was equally wonderful to be backstage with all the other performers and to feel everyone's creative energy.  i felt so inspired, esp as i got to sit in the audience for the second half of the show.  there were so many diverse voices and so many different ways of presenting the work.  and then the overall atmosphere was so special - because the puppet theater is rather small, the evening felt very intimate and special.  thank you to Puppet Showplace Theater and everyone involved in putting the Slam together!

unfortunately, i was too distracted to take any photos at the Slam - sorry!  however, i would like to share some photos of the beautiful spring we have been having here in Boston.  trees are exploding with flowers everywhere! it's hard to believe we had so much snow not that long ago.

New Project

i am eager to share about a new project i've been busy working on.  several weeks ago, i started a class at Puppet Showplace Theater, a puppet theater in Brookline that's just down the street from where i live.  i took my girls there a few times to see puppet shows and they loved it.  then i discovered they have adult classes!!  i picked the shadow puppet class as i thought it would be an easy transition from my art to theater.  plus, i wanted to put my novella to some use.  i am excited to have found a medium where i can marry my writing with my visual art.  the class runs to the end of March and then i believe we have an opportunity to showcase our work at a Puppet Slam, an adult puppet show event the Puppet Showplace Theater puts on every couple of months.  i will share more details about that as we get closer to the time.

the story i'm working on is my novella, titled, "Winter With Satie."  in trying to keep things simple and short, i won't be using any dialogue, but will use Erik Satie's music and only tell an excerpt of the story.  here are some "work in progress" photos:

the last two shots were taken by a fellow classmate, Sally Moore, and edited by me.  the characters still need some work and some refinement and change.  i will share the final product in the coming weeks!


An Evening with Wangechi Mutu

one of the great things about moving to Boston is that i have opportunities to tap into the many schools that make up this city.  earlier this week, i attended a lecture hosted by MassArt.  the speaker was Wangechi Mutu, an artist whose work i have admired for some time.  she is a couple of years older than me and i often imagine perhaps her paths and mine crossed during our childhood in Nairobi. :)  her works have often felt familiar yet strange to me.  they feel very organic and fluid, qualities that i strive to achieve in my own work.  it was wonderful to hear Wangechi Mutu talk, especially about her inspirations and the motivations behind some of her pieces.  it helped to add depth to my understanding of her work.  she has a beautiful website which you can find here.

below is one of her works, titled: My Strength Lies, 2006.

i have a new project in the works.  it is again an evidence of the opportunities that surround me.  you might be interested to know that it's a medium where i am able to marry my writing with my art. :)  will share soon!

Happy Thanksgiving and some thoughts for the holiday season

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!! i'm sure many of you are travelling to visit families or getting your homes ready for visiting families.  we are staying put this year and getting together with some friends.  i won't be cooking the turkey!! mixed feelings there, since i enjoy eating turkey and sort of like the leftovers, but it's also a treat to eat someone else's cooking. :)

there have been so many changes and transitions, i feel like i've been running to keep up.  i'm looking forward to this long weekend to relax and enjoy some time with my family.  i am thankful for our new life here in MA.  i am thankful for all my new friends here and my friends who keep up with me here on the blog and facebook.

i want to share with you a snapshot of a big project i've been busy working on.  i'm not sure when it will be completed, but i have a feeling it will be a long term project:

and here is the poem that inspired it:


"Hope" is the thing with feathers -

That perches in the soul -

And sings the tune without the words -

And never stops - at all -


And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard -

And sore must be the storm -

That could abash the little Bird

That kept so many warm -


I've heard it in the chillest land -

And on the strangest Sea -

Yet, never, in Extremity,

It asked a crumb - of Me.


Emily Dickinson


i've quoted this poem in a previous post, but it has been meaningful to me again lately.  the installation i am working on is partly inspired by it, along with this mixed media piece:


i've been thinking a lot about hope, especially as we head into the holiday season.  as we celebrate thanksgiving in the US, we are naturally encouraged to think about what we are thankful for and that always leads me to "hope."  i associate being thankful with looking back on the past and seeing all the goodness we have to be thankful for.  "hope" is that same thankful attitude, except we are looking forward into the future, into the unknown, the things that haven't happened yet.  it is the song the bird sings even in the storm.

i tend to be rather pessimistic about my future, but lately, i've been hearing that bird's song even "on the strangest Sea."

with that, i'd like to share that i've opened up a sort of holiday shop through Etsy where i will be offering some miniature original art (sized 6 x 4 inches) and some holiday garlands.  you can find the shop here.  you will also find an "etsy" tab at the top of my website which will send you directly to my shop MadeBySLK.  i would really really appreciate it if you would spread the word about my holiday shop.  the miniature artworks will make great gifts for art lovers and the star garlands will appeal to those with minimalist tastes for their holiday decor. thanks so much!!

here are some photos of the works in progress and the finished products:


have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend, friends. 

Falling in love

i am in that state where i am falling in love with a new place but the joy of falling in love is tinged with the sense of time.  perhaps i have always been just too impatient and i wish to be known just as much as to know.  i long to feel some sense of belonging as i get to know this beautiful place that is Massachusetts, but i know that only time will get me there.  i am really grateful that our family is finding its way: the girls love their schools and are slowly making friends, my husband loves his job.  and me?  i'm finding there's so much to discover here and perhaps that is what overwhelms me at times.  

Broadmoor Nature Sanctuary in Natick

Broadmoor Nature Sanctuary in Natick

Last week, i had the opportunity to visit the ICA Boston.  it was a bleak and rainy day, but i was still struck by the location of the museum.  it is right on the harbour and the architects took full advantage of that.  there were some lovely views from inside the museum.

i loved the collection of art at the ICA.  they have a special exhibit going on right now called "Fiber Sculpture: 1960-present."  definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.  here are some shots of my favourite pieces from the show:

"Inchworm" by  Francoise Grossen

"Inchworm" by Francoise Grossen

"SoundWay" by  Ernesto Neto

"SoundWay" by Ernesto Neto

"Spatial Element" by Elsi Giauque

"Spatial Element" by Elsi Giauque

"Crocheted Environment" by  Faith Wilding

"Crocheted Environment" by Faith Wilding

i think Faith Wilding's installation was my very favourite.  it was lovely to walk into the little room and be surrounded by a white web.

i have moments when i feel sad about something and i have no idea what i am sad about.  and since i can't make sense of myself with words, i have been painting without any clear idea of what i am painting.  right now, i am playing with colours and playing with acrylic paints on canvas, mediums i haven't used in a very long time.

Fall is coming and new art

the air is brisk this week - fall seems to be upon us.  my youngest daughter and i discovered a chestnut tree on our way to her preschool this morning, so we collected some.  i love the smooth shiny feel of the chestnut.  we also love to collect acorns, but right now, we are excited about the chestnuts. :) i am already seeing colours of fall around us and am looking forward to the time when all the trees will be vibrant.

there are so many changes, almost every day, and it's hard to digest everything, but we are getting there.  this past weekend, several sections of Boston had their annual artists' open studios.  a friend and i went to Jamaica Plain's open studios.  it was great to see so much art and to see some of the spaces the artists work in. 

while unpacking, i have been working too and have completed a new mixed media piece which is up on my Saatchi gallery.  it is called, "The Beach" and it was inspired by our visit to Wingaersheek Beach which is close to Gloucester, MA.  the girls and i had a great time not only swimming in the ocean, but also climbing the great big rocks that sit on the beach.

i'm hoping to share a couple of other projects with you soon.  in the mean time, have a wonderful week!

Abstract Flow

hi, there!  this week, three of my mixed media pieces will be showing at SPACEWOMb Gallery, as part of the "Abstract Flow" exhibit.  the theme of the exhibit is visual storytelling in illustration or abstract form.  it sounds really interesting!  if you are in NYC, i hope you will stop by.  the opening is Thursday, 18th September, 2014, 6-8 pm.  the gallery is located at: 57 Stanton Street, NY.

in terms of personal news, i continue to unpack more boxes every day, hoping to see more order in our new home, but i have yet to feel some sense of organization...  i hope to get a handle on things as i have some new art ideas bouncing around in my head, waiting to be put down!  *sigh*  

in the mean time, have a great week, everyone!

Little Mifflin Gallery

i have been working on an installation for the Little Mifflin Gallery - it is titled "Dreams/Prayers on Paper Boats" - and it is finally up!  for those of you unfamiliar with the Little Galleries in Madison, they are free-standing galleries near sidewalks with two locations in Madison currently.  one is Little Monroe Gallery on Monroe Street, and the other is Little Mifflin Gallery on Mifflin Street.  personally, i love them.  they are easily accessible by the public and the public can enjoy art without having to go to a formal gallery.  and usually, the art on exhibit is miniature in size and who doesn't love miniature things? :)

you can find them on Facebook as well, here.

my installation will be up for the month of June - hope you can go and see it!