Marks Of the Displaced

hello! it has been an incredibly LONG time since i was here last. hopefully it won’t be quite so long until the next time. for those of you connected with me through social media and if you are on my email subscription, you know that i have a solo show up at Galatea Fine Art in Boston! my first solo show, Marks Of the Displaced, has been an incredible experience. working on each of the pieces has been a rewarding experience and then to work on a body of work that’s related and communicating with each other has been an experience i hope to have again some day. you can find a short video of me at work in my studio and my artist statement for the show here. you can also see photos of all the works that are available for sale here.

with my first solo show comes several interviews and blog posts about me and about my work. here are 3 places where you can find more about what’s behind the work:

a beautiful blog post by Galatea Fine Art about my work!! it’s always so humbling to see my work through the eyes of another. this blog post really made me feel that my work was SEEN.

Leslie Forde, a fellow writer and mother that i met through our kids’ school, wrote a lovely post about how i approach my creative work as a mother.

and lastly, an interview of me in the Boston Voyager Magazine, where i talk about my journey of how i got to where i am today.

i hope you will check these out! and please remember, Marks Of the Displaced is up until February 24 at Galatea Fine Art!! you can find hours and directions here.

the best way to stay informed on events i will be part of is by subscribing to my newsletters which you can do by simply typing in your email address at the bottom of this page.

sign on the wall at the entrance to Galatea Fine Art

sign on the wall at the entrance to Galatea Fine Art

a glimpse at the walls of Marks Of the Displaced

a glimpse at the walls of Marks Of the Displaced

Sketchbook pages

hello! hope you are having a great start to the week! it's raining quite a bit today here in the Boston area, which is a good thing as it has been much too dry, but that means i'm staying home today instead of biking to the studio. which is also not a bad thing, as i have lots to catch up on at home, like updating the blog and the website. :)

as you know, i'm getting ready for the South End Open Studios on September 24-25. i'm hoping to have a set of abstract paintings ready that were inspired by a family camping trip we took over the summer to Acadia National Park. i've been sharing some of the sketchbook pages from my trip on Instagram but i wanted to share them here as well. i hope to share some of the process photos of the larger pieces that i'm working on in the next few weeks leading up to the open studios. i will also have available my watercolor paintings of roses and peonies and have framing options for those. and of course, my miniature bird pieces will be available as well.

here are some recent pages from my sketchbook and i look forward to sharing more about the larger paintings born out of these soon. 

inspired by the pink granite rocks of Acadia

inspired by the pink granite rocks of Acadia

inspired by the beautiful lichen

inspired by the beautiful lichen

South End Open Studios

hello, friends,

it has been WAY too long! the summer has been full and has flown by. i haven't been able to spend much time here or at the studio as i've been busy hanging with the kids, but school starts next week and there's lots going on in September that i have to get ready for.

one of the things i'm prepping for is the South End Open Studios happening the weekend of September 24-25. i'm super excited to be a part of this large celebration that happens every year in Boston's South End. below is some info written up by a fellow artist in my building. i hope you will mark your calendars and stop by! 

BOSTON’S SOUTH END, MA (August 2, 2016) –

Arts and culture are alive in Boston with no better example than the 30th annual South End (SoWa) Open Studios, September 24-25, 11am-6pm, when the public is invited to visit the inner sanctum of working artists at the Wareham Street Studios, 35-59 Wareham Street between Harrison and Albany. This weekend celebration of art is organized by United South End Artists, a membership association supporting neighborhood artists. Wareham Street Studios is a privately owned complex of truly affordable work-only studio spaces occupied by artists creatively working in a wide range of mediums including painting, works on paper, ceramics, photography, textiles and mixed-media.

Many of the Wareham Street artists have been in the building for decades such as painter Michael Costello located on the 4th floor of 35 Wareham Street. “I have painted on Wareham Street for almost 30 years and have watched a vibrant art neighborhood whittled down to a handful of buildings such as ours which continue to be a refuge for the making of art in the South End. Open Studios is the rare chance a collector has to see art in the environment in which it is birthed.”

The Wareham Street collection of active studio spaces is open to the pubic on only the most seldom of occasions, and many visitors have remarked at the high quality and one-of-a-kind authenticity of the art on view. 20 artists will be opening their studio doors on Wareham Street this year to welcome art enthusiasts, collectors, and the curious. Included in this select group are Clint Baclawski, Jessica Burko, Michael Costello, Anne Foresman, Tristan Govignon, Heather Greenwood, Will Howcroft, Soyoung L. Kim, Rose Leitner, Maria Malatesta, Mary ann Obrien, Wendy Seller, Nancy Seymour, Karen Lee Sobol, Katherine Spencer, Annie Zeybekoglu, Sara Zielinski. Celebrate SoWa’s rich and diverse arts community and go home with a piece of locally made art.

Installing "Taking Flight"

on the evening of November 6, the building my art studio is located in will be hosting a building-wide open studio.  i will post the details about it soon, but in the mean time, i wanted to share with you a short time-lapse movie i made as i was prepping my studio for the open studio. this is a small portion of my "Taking Flight" installation:

hope you can plan to join me on November 6th - there will be many many artists opening their studios that evening.  it should be a fun evening filled with art!

and as always, if you'd like to keep up with my goings on, please subscribe to this blog by clicking on the subscribe icon in the bottom left corner. thanks so much!

Studio Space

it has been a while - i apologize!  life has been full and hectic with many end-of-school-year activities for the kids.  and added to that busyness, i just moved into a studio space that i'm sharing with another painter!!  really excited about the work space and looking forward to producing work in that space.  the studio is in a large building in the SOWA area, the South End of Boston, that houses many artists studio spaces.

i am biking to work now, and what can i say? i am no Lance Armstrong and can't even begin to aspire to that. :)  i'm more like a little old lady hobbling along, but i'm hoping i'll get better at this after my body gets over the shock of the distance i have to cover on my bike.

here's the view from the street of my building.  will hopefully be able to share with you some new work i produce there. :)

New Project

i am eager to share about a new project i've been busy working on.  several weeks ago, i started a class at Puppet Showplace Theater, a puppet theater in Brookline that's just down the street from where i live.  i took my girls there a few times to see puppet shows and they loved it.  then i discovered they have adult classes!!  i picked the shadow puppet class as i thought it would be an easy transition from my art to theater.  plus, i wanted to put my novella to some use.  i am excited to have found a medium where i can marry my writing with my visual art.  the class runs to the end of March and then i believe we have an opportunity to showcase our work at a Puppet Slam, an adult puppet show event the Puppet Showplace Theater puts on every couple of months.  i will share more details about that as we get closer to the time.

the story i'm working on is my novella, titled, "Winter With Satie."  in trying to keep things simple and short, i won't be using any dialogue, but will use Erik Satie's music and only tell an excerpt of the story.  here are some "work in progress" photos:

the last two shots were taken by a fellow classmate, Sally Moore, and edited by me.  the characters still need some work and some refinement and change.  i will share the final product in the coming weeks!


An Evening with Wangechi Mutu

one of the great things about moving to Boston is that i have opportunities to tap into the many schools that make up this city.  earlier this week, i attended a lecture hosted by MassArt.  the speaker was Wangechi Mutu, an artist whose work i have admired for some time.  she is a couple of years older than me and i often imagine perhaps her paths and mine crossed during our childhood in Nairobi. :)  her works have often felt familiar yet strange to me.  they feel very organic and fluid, qualities that i strive to achieve in my own work.  it was wonderful to hear Wangechi Mutu talk, especially about her inspirations and the motivations behind some of her pieces.  it helped to add depth to my understanding of her work.  she has a beautiful website which you can find here.

below is one of her works, titled: My Strength Lies, 2006.

i have a new project in the works.  it is again an evidence of the opportunities that surround me.  you might be interested to know that it's a medium where i am able to marry my writing with my art. :)  will share soon!

Falling in love

i am in that state where i am falling in love with a new place but the joy of falling in love is tinged with the sense of time.  perhaps i have always been just too impatient and i wish to be known just as much as to know.  i long to feel some sense of belonging as i get to know this beautiful place that is Massachusetts, but i know that only time will get me there.  i am really grateful that our family is finding its way: the girls love their schools and are slowly making friends, my husband loves his job.  and me?  i'm finding there's so much to discover here and perhaps that is what overwhelms me at times.  

Broadmoor Nature Sanctuary in Natick

Broadmoor Nature Sanctuary in Natick

Last week, i had the opportunity to visit the ICA Boston.  it was a bleak and rainy day, but i was still struck by the location of the museum.  it is right on the harbour and the architects took full advantage of that.  there were some lovely views from inside the museum.

i loved the collection of art at the ICA.  they have a special exhibit going on right now called "Fiber Sculpture: 1960-present."  definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.  here are some shots of my favourite pieces from the show:

"Inchworm" by  Francoise Grossen

"Inchworm" by Francoise Grossen

"SoundWay" by  Ernesto Neto

"SoundWay" by Ernesto Neto

"Spatial Element" by Elsi Giauque

"Spatial Element" by Elsi Giauque

"Crocheted Environment" by  Faith Wilding

"Crocheted Environment" by Faith Wilding

i think Faith Wilding's installation was my very favourite.  it was lovely to walk into the little room and be surrounded by a white web.

i have moments when i feel sad about something and i have no idea what i am sad about.  and since i can't make sense of myself with words, i have been painting without any clear idea of what i am painting.  right now, i am playing with colours and playing with acrylic paints on canvas, mediums i haven't used in a very long time.

Abstract Flow

hi, there!  this week, three of my mixed media pieces will be showing at SPACEWOMb Gallery, as part of the "Abstract Flow" exhibit.  the theme of the exhibit is visual storytelling in illustration or abstract form.  it sounds really interesting!  if you are in NYC, i hope you will stop by.  the opening is Thursday, 18th September, 2014, 6-8 pm.  the gallery is located at: 57 Stanton Street, NY.

in terms of personal news, i continue to unpack more boxes every day, hoping to see more order in our new home, but i have yet to feel some sense of organization...  i hope to get a handle on things as i have some new art ideas bouncing around in my head, waiting to be put down!  *sigh*  

in the mean time, have a great week, everyone!

U2 + Oliver Jeffers

i always love a good collaboration between artists i admire, but this collaboration has got to be one of the tops.  i grew up listening to U2 and what gets me always about them is that they never fail to deliver.  how is that possible?  i wonder about that as a creative person.  i sometimes feel like one day i will run out of things to express.  i wrote a post about Oliver Jeffers some time ago (you can find that here) - i am a huge fan of his books.  what i love about him is that he has such a unique voice and he is so fluent with it.  fluency of voice is something artists and writers are constantly striving for.  i think both U2 and Oliver Jeffers have that in common - that ability to express themselves in voices that are unmistakably their own.

and of course, it helps that this song is about Nelson Mandela and is the soundtrack for the movie about his life.  i loved reading his biography, Long Walk To Freedom.  this song is nominated for the oscars - along with "Let It Go".  i haven't told my girls yet that i will be rooting for "Ordinary Love" instead. ;)

Jesse Mangerson

i attended an artist reception last week that i wanted to tell you about.   Jesse Mangerson is my friend's husband and in this exhibit, he shows some beautiful landscapes he has painted in San Francisco, their former home, and in Wisconsin, their current home.  i loved how the San Francisco pieces were grouped together on one side of the gallery and the Wisconsin pieces along the opposite side of the gallery.  it definitely shows how the artist's palette has changed since he moved to Wisconsin. and i love the recurring VW beatle.  

you can find out more on Jesse Mangerson's website.   the exhibit will run through to November 11, so there's still time for you to catch the show!

The Colucci Gallery

30 Ash St.




A Beautiful Movie

first off, i'd like to welcome those of you who have come here through RAW - look forward to meeting you on August 15th!! 

i came across this article and movie about Oliver Jeffers through pi'lo , a blog that i follow. i first encountered Oliver Jeffers through Lost and Found, a picture book my girls and i checked out from the library. i instantly fell in love.  i love the way he sees the world.  and the movie captures his wonderful spirit.  hope you enjoy it as much as i did, and feel inspired. :)