Red, scarlet, vermilion, magenta, crimson, maroon, burgundy, carmine, ruby…so many words to describe the varying shades of red.  Some other names from my paint box: cadmium red medium, quinacridone magenta.  Red is such a strong color, you can never be undecided about it.

My mother dressed me mostly in red when I was young. Here is the earliest photo of me in red.


There were many more later: red dresses, red boots, red swimsuits.  Red seeps into my childhood memories.  Until I turned six.  Then we made the big move from Korea to Kenya and there were no more red dresses for me.  Instead, there was the red dirt, the red bougainvilleas, the red cloaks of the Maasai.  Red was no longer on me, but it was everywhere else.

When I made the Girl In Red pieces (you can see all four of them if you click on the Mixed Media tab), I was inspired by my three daughters.  The four pieces hang in my girls' room and my girls always ask me, am I in this one? and this one?  I answer yes to them all.  My memories of my three girls have become tightly woven into this single girl that appears in each piece.  But the red also snuck in there, reminding me how much of my own memories get tangled up with the new memories my girls create.  

Girl In Red, No. 3-8x10.jpg

For those of you who are local, a 8x10 print of Girl In Red, No. 3 (shown above) will be part of the silent auction at New Morning Nursery School.  This year's auction will raise funds for a new classroom which will be added in the fall.  My youngest daughter will be a part of this new room!   If anyone is interested in prints of any of the Girl In Red series (or all four of them!), please contact me at:  Thanks!