Miniature birds

friends, it has been way too long! but i was forced to "disappear" from life for a bit.  mid December, i was in a bike crash and suffered a moderate concussion. as a result, i was told by the doctor to stay away from computer screens, tv screens and books. the best thing for me was to stay in a darkened room with no stimulation to my brain. that didn't last long, i'm afraid, but i did take my injury seriously and stayed away from the screen as long as possible. the road to recovery has been slow and long. my eyes are still not back to where they were before the crash. they get tired easily and so i haven't been reading much at all. long periods of time on the computer also tires them, so i still have to take it easy. but, i have been back to the studio.

here are some images of my recent work, since my concussion:

"Hope" Is the Thing With Feathers

"Hope" Is the Thing With Feathers

Sons Are Like Birds Flying Always Over the Mountain

Sons Are Like Birds Flying Always Over the Mountain

this last image is a detail of one of the birds, just so you have an idea of how big these miniature birds are:

Photos of new work

how is your summer?  i hope it is filled with sunshine, family and friends, time spent on decks eating grilled food, ice cream and sipping cool drinks. perhaps some time at a beach or exploring new places.

our summer break began with a visit to Madison, WI.  it was lovely to be back in our old home and to visit with good friends, to eat cheese curds, and to visit our old favourite places.  but the odd thing is, i felt torn between there and here, being back at home but feeling the tug of our new home.  life is funny that way, isn't it?  my girls and i watched the movie Inside Out after we returned to Brookline and we all cried because we so felt all those emotions.  and at the end of the movie, (spoiler alert! well, sort of...) when Joy and Sadness create a memory together so that the memory is tinged with both emotions, well, we all just gave up trying to contain the tears. 

as promised, i wanted to share some photos of new work i've been busy working on this past year as i have adapted to living life in Brookline.  the first set of photos are of a large scale installation titled, "Taking Flight".  i wrote an earlier blog piece about the inspiration behind this project and you can find that here.  if you are following me on Instagram, you will find all my work in progress photos under the hashtag: #400birdsproject .  why 400 birds you ask? because i'm crazy.  these birds take crazy long to make and i'm not sure why i'm doing this. in the photos below, taken in my new studio space, there are around 120 birds:

on a much smaller scale, i've been making these miniature works using the rolls leftover from duct tape.  my daughter makes duct tape wallets and she has accumulated quite a stash of these duct tape rolls.  i felt inspired to use them to create these small pieces - you can find them soon on my Etsy shop.


Fall in Boston has truly been a glorious feast of colours.  here are some shots from my Instagram feed of what's been catching my eyes lately.  

But winter is coming... the days darken early and we have had some warnings of snow, but no snow yet to stick.  our days are filled with busyness.  i have started work on a new installation.  i hope to find a space for it soon, but in the mean time, i am busy tearing paper and putting them together with flour and water.  here are some shots of my works in progress:

have a wonderful week, friends!