A little bit about "Meanderings"...

i thought you'd enjoy a little background info about this new series of abstract watercolor paintings i've been working on.  you can see them individually on my Saatchi gallery.  they started off as experiments in colour and as i finished off several of them, i noticed that the colours had some specific geographical roots.  

"Meanderings, No. 1" and "Meanderings, No. 2" have definite roots in the winters of Wisconsin.  my years in Madison taught me to survive the stark cold colourlessness of the Wisconsin winter, yet i found so much beauty in those winters and i hope the small bits of colour coming through reflect that.

"Meanderings, No.3" and "Meanderings, No. 4" were inspired by my recent visits to the beaches of Massachusetts.  rather than focusing on the water, i was drawn to the rocks that were being washed by the waves.

"Meanderings, No. 5", "Meanderings, No. 6" and "Meanderings, No. 7" so clearly have their roots in my years in Kenya.  the browns, reds and yellows will always evoke my childhood there, but i think the vibrancy of the colours are from looking back with the lenses of memory.  Kenya will always be a place of beautiful bright colours.

these paintings are also about the process.  most of the time, i start out a painting or art piece with a definite finished image in mind.  with this series, i had some idea, but left the colours to spread as they wanted to with the spreading of the water.  it was really freeing to not be concerned about how the colours would spread and to find surprising interesting details in the way the colours bled into one another.

the days have been cold and bleak here, so i have been filling my mind with all the colours you see here.  hope they bring a spot of colour into your day as well. :)

Fall is coming and new art

the air is brisk this week - fall seems to be upon us.  my youngest daughter and i discovered a chestnut tree on our way to her preschool this morning, so we collected some.  i love the smooth shiny feel of the chestnut.  we also love to collect acorns, but right now, we are excited about the chestnuts. :) i am already seeing colours of fall around us and am looking forward to the time when all the trees will be vibrant.

there are so many changes, almost every day, and it's hard to digest everything, but we are getting there.  this past weekend, several sections of Boston had their annual artists' open studios.  a friend and i went to Jamaica Plain's open studios.  it was great to see so much art and to see some of the spaces the artists work in. 

while unpacking, i have been working too and have completed a new mixed media piece which is up on my Saatchi gallery.  it is called, "The Beach" and it was inspired by our visit to Wingaersheek Beach which is close to Gloucester, MA.  the girls and i had a great time not only swimming in the ocean, but also climbing the great big rocks that sit on the beach.

i'm hoping to share a couple of other projects with you soon.  in the mean time, have a wonderful week!


this is a new piece i just finished.  it's a little unusual for me, the bright red that's almost pink, the thick black lines.... let's just say, i had some things going on that sort of exploded on the canvas.  or maybe it's the anticipation of Halloween this week??  i would appreciate your thoughts and feedback.  btw, this is up in the shop

Two Faces

Two Faces

while i don't think about this consciously during the actually painting/making of a self-portrait, i am always fascinated by the questions of how people perceive me and what i desire to project of myself to the world.  most of the time, i don't feel like i am in control of what i project to the world, so i am fascinated by people who seem to be in total control of their self-image and have the ability to manipulate it however they want.  lately, i've been watching some of Michelle Phan's youtube movies - have you heard of her?  she is fascinating to watch!  i love how her face becomes this blank canvas and she can transform herself to look like Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie...!!  here's one for Halloween: Cyber Gothic Anime. :) enjoy, and have a fun and happy Halloween!

New Pieces in the Shop

i have added two pieces to the shop - you can find them here.  one of them is The Voice and i wrote about it in an earlier blog entry which you can read here.  

the second piece i've added to the shop is Clair de Lune.  this one was inspired by Debussy's music of the same name.  i was thinking a lot about things we long for when we are little and going to the moon is, i think, one of the top wishes of a child.  well, at least, for me.  wouldn't it be grand if we could get to the moon by traveling on the light of the moon?

Clair de Lune, 2012

Clair de Lune, 2012

A Little Bit About the Pieces Up For Sale...

i thought i'd share a little bit about the process behind the pieces.  the works i have for sale on Saatchi Online are two pairs of works. i don't necessarily feel that they need to sell together, but i did create them in pairs because they always existed in my mind together. 

the first pair i want to talk about are Tea and Rice.  when i painted the teapot and the rice bowl, i was really taken with the simplicity of the shapes of the two items whose purpose is to contain something. to contain something that brings me comfort. and there is a certain ritual associated with the act of consuming both tea and rice.





the second pair are Let's Go Fly a Kite and The Dreamy Fish.  both were inspired by a feeling of nostalgia and escape.  while i love being a mother to my three children, there are moments when i long to just fly away on a kite and leave everything behind, or sit in a paper boat and float on a pond, dreaming away my time.  The Dreamy Fish was also inspired by Erik Satie's music of the same name.

all four of these pieces are originals on 9x12.25 inch Arches watercolor paper.

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Let's Go Fly a Kite

The Dreamy Fish

The Dreamy Fish

New Tab

just wanted to let you all know that i have a new tab on here: Shop.  if you click on it, it will send you directly to my profile on Saatchi Online. thanks!! and please, if there are some art works you see on my site that you would like to purchase but are not available on Saatchi, please contact me. i am happy to put them up for sale. i am just adding the pieces on slowly.

You can now buy some of my original works

at Saatchi Online!  after years of deliberating, i finally took the leap and have some of my work up for sale.  you can find my profile here.  i hope you'll take a look and please do spread the word!!  i will be forever grateful if you do!

i have another exciting development in the works locally. i will share that news soon.

i apologize for the lack of visuals lately, but i promise to share some new work soon!!