Taking Flight in VSCO's NY studio

first of all, thank you to all that came out to the South End over the weekend! it was lovely to see many of you. and welcome to those who are new here, who i met for the first time at Open Studios! i hope you will visit here often as this is where i primarily share about my work and process. for daily snippets though, i am mostly to be found on Instagram.

in process shot inside VSCO NY studio space

in process shot inside VSCO NY studio space

today, i want to share with you about a project that i did early last week in NYC. i was accepted by VSCO to one of their open studio sessions which meant that i could come into their beautiful NYC office and use their amazing studio space to take pictures of a personal project. i chose to take in my Taking Flight installation as i felt it was important to have really good photos of the installation to continue telling my story through that particular piece. here is one shot that came out of my time there:

Taking Flight

Taking Flight

you can now find the rest of my shots on my portfolio page.

i worried about the white background as my birds are mostly white, but having taken the shots, i can now say that the whiteness adds to the ethereal quality of the installation. and the birds really do look like they are taking off! :)

this installation began in a deep place of emotion and movement. i'm still figuring out why i am so obsessed with these birds. part of it is, no one bird looks the same because i've made each of them by hand, and the installation never looks the same. i've taken shots of these in my studio with a black background and they look very different from how they look here. and the shape of them as a whole changes depending on how i have hung them up. there is something i love about that.

thank you to VSCO for the amazing opportunity! i learned so much about lighting and photo taking - loved it!

i would love to hear your thoughts on these!

Installing "Taking Flight"

on the evening of November 6, the building my art studio is located in will be hosting a building-wide open studio.  i will post the details about it soon, but in the mean time, i wanted to share with you a short time-lapse movie i made as i was prepping my studio for the open studio. this is a small portion of my "Taking Flight" installation:

hope you can plan to join me on November 6th - there will be many many artists opening their studios that evening.  it should be a fun evening filled with art!

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Studio Space

it has been a while - i apologize!  life has been full and hectic with many end-of-school-year activities for the kids.  and added to that busyness, i just moved into a studio space that i'm sharing with another painter!!  really excited about the work space and looking forward to producing work in that space.  the studio is in a large building in the SOWA area, the South End of Boston, that houses many artists studio spaces.

i am biking to work now, and what can i say? i am no Lance Armstrong and can't even begin to aspire to that. :)  i'm more like a little old lady hobbling along, but i'm hoping i'll get better at this after my body gets over the shock of the distance i have to cover on my bike.

here's the view from the street of my building.  will hopefully be able to share with you some new work i produce there. :)

Goings On Lately

lately, i have been at the pool.  all the time.  you are perhaps imagining me spending my summer, lounging by the side of the pool, working on a nice tan.  hah!  i will share in a later post, after this week is over, on what i do at the pool.  this week is the All-City Swim Meet in Madison and two of my girls will be competing tomorrow.  after Saturday, i will be able to breath a sigh of relief and share some shots of the pool which i hope will inspire some new work.

in the mean time, i have also been busy with preparations for RAW's EN MASSE event on 15th August.  hope to see many of you that night!  i picked up my teacups from Mystery To Me and brought them home.  here are some shots i shared on instagram of what's been going on in my little studio. 

this is a frame that i built for the teacups to hang from the ceiling: 


and yes, that is a drill that i've been using on the teacups.  you'll have to come to the show on 15th August to see the final product! :P  i'm super excited to see how this will turn out!

Photo shoot

if you've noticed the new tab on my website, Installation, you can see some lovely photos that are the result of a photo shoot with Jen Lucas, a talented, beautiful photographer and owner of Jen Lucas Photography.  i am not the most camera-friendly person.  i actually prefer being the one to take the photos. :)  but Jen and i had such a great time, i felt completely relaxed.  actually, i felt like i wasn't doing anything but chatting away with Jen about our kids, our art, and making our work out of our art.  what i LOVE about Jen's work is her ability to tell stories through her photographs, what she calls lifestyle photos, where she's capturing those ordinary moments that we will so miss and treasure later on in life.  i felt like she did that even in our short time in my studio.  she captured my hands as i was busy talking about one of my paintings, she captured the great light i get through the skylights, and she got the texture and feel of the teacups.  the important stuff.

Thank you, Jen, for the beautiful photos!! You can read about Jen's perspective of our photo shoot here.